Massage Spa in Sudbury MA

Welcome to Invidia Salon and Spa, your new destination for relaxation. If you are looking for a massage spa in Sudbury, Invidia Salon and Spa is the place to go. Our staff of professional therapists will provide you with treatments designed just for your needs. We have the latest equipment. Come visit us today!

Personalized Massage 30/60/90/120mins  $60/100/130/175

This incorporates all modalities from Deep, Trigger, Swedish and so on, to address your individual needs.  Your therapist will work with you to determine the most effective massage for you! 

Additional CBD infused massage upgrade $20.

Paired Massage 30/60/90/120mins Priced individually as above

Experience shared moments alongside your family, friends, or significant other in our luxurious adjoining spa treatment rooms. Choose any timed massage from services listed.

Relaxation Massage 60 mins $100

A delicate touch suitable for any age or condition. This  non-therapeutic massage stimulates the senses giving an overall feeling of harmony and peace. 

Heated Body Massage 60/90mins  $120/$150

Ease into a quiet state of relaxation with this comforting heated massage. Feel soothing warmth with each stroke while melting away your thoughts.

Reflexology 60mins $100

Relieves tension, increases circulation and improves general health of the mind, body and spirit by stimulating pressure points in the hands and feet. Suitable as a standalone treatment or added onto a massage.

Heavenly Foot Massage 60mins $100

Releases tension, fatigue and strain in the feet and legs. This is an extremely relaxing treatment which will make you feel lighter with every step you take. 

Pregnancy Massage 60/90 mins $110/$140

For expectant mothers, our fully adjustable beds and custom bolsters provide absolute comfort throughout the entire term of the pregnancy. Our spa is the perfect calming environment for a relaxing experience.

Migraine Therapy 60mins $150

A holistic treatment for anyone who carries tension; specifically migraines and headaches and needs help with feelings of anxiety and stress. This treatment incorporates the use of cold stone therapy, essential oils, Reflexology trigger points and scalp massage to decrease pain and inflammation, eliminate or dramatically reduce most headache symptoms.