Soli-Tone provides a combination of Photo-rejuvenation Micronized currents and HF Polarized currents to restore energy communication between cells on three (3) levels: Epidermal, Dermal and muscle.


This is accomplished safely and comfortably without the use of such invasive procedures as Lasers and IPL (Intense Pulse Light), which rely on thermal damage to the skin to trigger collagen production therefore not requiring any down time.

This powerful facial is a non-invasive tool for energy and information transfer within the skin tissues. The combination of Light therapy, micronized currents and low level HF polarized currents allows Estheticians to obtain maximum facial and muscle rejuvenation for problems related to:  

  1. Epidermal aging: Dehydration lines, redness, dull and lifeless complexion

  2. Dermal aging: Expression lines, deep wrinkles around the eyes and the lips, solar elastosis on the cheeks and the neck line

  3. Muscle aging: Sagging jowls, nasal-labial fold, sagging eyelids

Lumi Facial $150

This facial and neck treatment includes exfoliation, extraction, treatment and photo-rejuvenation to address specific client concerns.

Lumi-Lift Advanced Facial $225

This facial and neck treatment is an upgrade to the Lumifacial and adds a 70% medical grade glycolic peel and treatment to firm, lift, and tighten sagging muscles on the face and neck.


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