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Brows: $20

Brow Tweezing: $30

Lip: $15

Usual (Brow/lip): $30

Chin: $15

Cheeks/Sideburns: $15

Smoothie (Face): $50

Underarms: $20

Full Arm: $50

Half Arm (upper/lower): $40

Hands: $15

Chest: $65

Full Back: $75

Half Back (shoulders/lower back): $55

Stomach: $25-$60

Legs: $80

Half Legs (upper/lower): $50

Bikini Line: $45

Brazilian: $75

Hollywood: $85


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Spa Treatments


Hydrotherapy Body Polish: $100

Cleanse and exfoliate skin for a smooth finish.  


Hydrotherapy Body Wrap: $125

Improve skin tone and elasticity with a dose of nutrients and essential vitamins.


Kontur Heated Body Wrap: $100
Infrared thermal energy heat penetrates deeply through the body relaxing tense muscles, increasing range of motion, immune system function, and elasticity in skin. Ideal for arthritis or fibromyalgia. Consistent use yields significant weight loss.