Your Visit

Salon and Spa Etiquette

In order to make your time and experience with us as pleasurable and beneficial as possible, we would respectfully ask clients to follow our Salon and Spa Etiquette.

Appointment Arrival

Please arrive 30 minutes before the start of your appointment time to allow for disrobing and any explanations that may be required.

For all formal hair styling, please arrive with your hair washed and fully dried without product and for makeup appplication, please arrive with your face cleansed, moisturized and makeup free.

Late arrivals may require your service to be reduced, regrettably with no reduction in price.

Payment and Cancellations for a single appointment

For your convenience, we provide you with a reminder call 48 hours prior to your appointment time. For missed or cancelled appointments within 48 hours, a charge of 50% of the total appointment charge will be applied.

Payment and cancellations for spa and Wedding Parties. (any group booked with more than 2 people)

A credit card is required to schedule wedding and spa parties. All bookings must be guaranteed with a credit card 6 weeks prior to wedding/spa party date. Cancellations within 2-6 weeks of wedding/spa party date will be refunded at 50% of the total cost. Cancellations from 2 weeks of wedding/spa party date are non-refundable.

Client Courtesy

When sharing communal areas of our day spa, such as our tranquility rooms and waiting areas, we ask that you use softly toned speech as a courtesy to all of our clients. We also ask that you turn off any cell phones or pagers while in the spa area.

Beverages and Food

Please do not bring food into the spa. You are welcome to help yourself to beverages at our beverage stations. For larger groups, please contact our client service advisors to arrange for catering. A seasonal spa menu is available.


Robes and slippers are provided for your comfort. Please deposit them in the hamper at the conclusion of your service.

For dry body services, such as massage, you will need to disrobe completely with the exception of your undergarments. Rest assured that the therapist will only expose the area of the body that is to be worked on at any given time and will be respectful not to cause embarrassment.

For wet services, such as salt scrubs and hydrotherapy, you will not be able to remain in a robe. Swimwear may be worn or disposable undergarments will be provided. The therapist will do the utmost to keep your hair dry but there may be a chance that your hair will get wet.

During treatments you may prefer your treatment to be silent; if not, our therapist will offer you the choice of explaining any techniques either before your treatment begins, or throughout the session. If you are unsure which to choose, our staff will guide you; you are at liberty to change your mind at any time. We want you to feel relaxed and comfortable during any sessions and your preferences will be taken into consideration at all times.

Due to the nature of Salon services, it may be possible for your clothing or other personal items such as handbags to become stained if placed on the floor. We recommend that you change into a smock for any color service and make full use of our secure client storage areas for your personal items. Although our stylists make every effort to ensure that your personal items are not damaged through your service, if you do not wish to change or store your personal items, regrettably we will not be responsible for those items.

Services and Products

We aim to ensure the full satisfaction of all our services. If you are not satisfied, please contact our client service advisors within one week of your service date.

There are no refunds on services or gift certificates.

If for any reason you are not satisfied with any product, please return the product within two weeks of purchase. Unopened product may be exchanged within thirty days of purchase. Credits for returned product are applied to your account for future product purchase only.

Defective styling tools must be exchanged within thirty days of purchase. After this time, please refer to the manufacturers warranty. Brushes and hair extensions are considered final purchases.


Unfortunately, we do not have childcare facilities or staff trained in childcare. It is essential that all children remain seated in the Salon waiting area to ensure their safety. Children under the age of 10 must be supervised by an adult at all times. Our goal is to provide a safe working environment and maintain a comfortable atmosphere for our clients. While we love children, the Spa is a place for adults only, so we request that the appropriate babysitting arrangements are made to ensure you are able to enjoy your visit.


In keeping with our commitment to cleanliness, safety and hygiene, our equipment is sterilized and sanitized after every service and treatment.

Loss or Damage

We regret that we cannot be responsible for any loss or damage of personal items. Please keep all valuables locked in your locker during your visit.

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