Massage is the only form of physical pleasure to which nature forgot to attach consequences. – Robert Brault

What time is best for my massage?
30 minutes. A quick stress relief from everyday tension.
60 minutes. Targets a specific area of the body.
90/120 minutes. Full body relaxation focusing on the therapeutic treatment of chronic discomfort or pain management.

Personalized Massage

Personalized Massage: 30/60/90/120 minutes, $60/$90/$130/$175
Suited to your individual needs, this massage incorporates an array of massage techniques to address specific areas of tension in the body. For either a quick fix or an in depth forcus, this massage is a suitable fit for everyone.

Deep Tissue / Sports Massage

Deep Tissue/ Sports Massage: 60/90/120 minutes, $90/$130/$175
Used to relieve stress and tension in muscles, this massage aims to restore blood circulation, reinstate full movement and decrease adhesions. Strong pressure is applied using hands, elbows and forearms. This massage promotes lymph fluids in the body to break down painful knots within the muscles to help widen the range of motion of stiffened joints. Trigger point therapy and stretching is incorporated.

Swedish Massage

Swedish Massage: 60/90/120 minutes, $90/$130/$175
A traditional massage focused on stress management and relaxation. Using light to moderate pressure, Swedish massage strokes follow the direction of the heart delivering a boost of oxygen flow and detoxifying the body while bringing relaxation to the body and easing stress. This type of massage is perfect for those sensitive to touch.

Dry Massage

Dry massage: 60/90/120 minutes, $90/$130/$175
Dry massage uses no oil to maximize the effect of friction and pressure. Ideal for targeting deeper muscles for a more intensified effect. Helps to bring about relief from chronic and acute pain. This massage is suitable for those who do not care for the feeling of lotions and oils, or may be sensitive to them. This massage is recommended for clients experienced to massage.

Paired Massage

Paired Massage: 60/90/120 minutes, individually priced
Experience shared moments alongside your family, friends, or significant other in our luxurious adjoining spa treatment rooms. Choose any timed massage from services listed.

Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy Massage: 60 minutes $100
Especially for expectant Mothers to be, our fully adjustable beds and custom bolsters provide absolute comfort throughout the entire term of the pregnancy. Our spa is the perfect calming environment for your relaxing experience.

Pregnancy Massage Packages

Pregnancy Massage Packages:

Massage during pregnancy, stabilizes hormonal levels and helps relieve depression or anxiety caused by hormonal changes, increases blood circulation and strengthens the immune system. Studies recommend monthly massage increasing to weekly massage during the last month of pregnancy (12 massages) for optimal benefit.

We offer customized packages to suit your individual needs. Included with your package is your choice of a firming bust cream or cellulite cream valued at $50. The cellulite cream slims and tones skin around the abdomen and waist area stimulating the removal of toxins. The firming bust cream tones and moisturizes skin improving shape and volume.

Maternal Instincts Package:
Purchase 3 to 9 massages at $90 each, a savings of $80-$140.

Maternal Instincts Plus Package*:
Purchase 12 massages at $85 each, a total savings of $230.
*In consideration of your physical needs up to 4 massages may be rescheduled for after delivery on this package.

Heated Massage

Heated Massage: 60 minutes, $100
Melt away your thoughts and ease into a quiet state of relaxation with this deeply penetrated heated massage. Feel the soothing warmth of each stroke and for those in need of more concentration, hands and forearms may be incorporated to ease tension.

Kontur Body Wrap

Kontur Body Health Wrap: 50 mins $100
With its many benefits this relaxing and soothing infrared heated body wrap treatment is great for anyone! Throughout treatment your body is slowly heated using infrared thermal energy (usually absorbed naturally from the sun) that deeply and comfortably penetrates throughout the body, bringing detoxifying perspiration to the surface of the body while relaxing tense muscles. This increases range of motion, immune system function, and elasticity in skin. Perfect for those with chronic pain such as fibromyalgia and arthritis. Consistent use will yield significant weight loss as the wrap also increases the metabolic rate.

Preparing for your Kontur
Wear loose fitting long sleeves and pants, gym attire or yoga style clothes are perfect. You will perspire during your treatment to eliminate toxins and burn many calories so be sure to hydrate well before your treatment and bring a change of clothing. We offer shower facilities, please request the use of a shower at the time of booking your treatment.

Kontur Packages

Kontur Packages:
Buy 3 Kontur wraps receive 5% off
Buy 6 Kontur wraps receive 10% off

Yearly Monthly Package receive 15% off
Yearly Bi-Weekly Package receive 18% off
Yearly Weekly Package receive 20% off

Detox Package: $969 (savings of $171)
Improve circulation, cardiovascular and immune systems. This package eliminates toxins and cellulite trapped in pockets beneath the skin while promoting relaxation, stress relief and well-being.

Treatment cycle: 1 massage and 1 Kontur Wrap per week for 6 weeks

Pain Relief Package: $1,392 (savings of $348)
Rejuvenate cells, aid metabolic processes and healing. Great for those suffering from chronic pain and muscle tension. You will notice a boost in energy and an increase of flexibility of 18%.

Treatment cycle: 1 massage and 2 Kontur wraps per week for 6 weeks

Weight Loss Package: $1,755 (savings of $585)
Identical to the energy produced by our own bodies during exercise, burn 1,200 calories per session. By the third, improvements in muscle and skin tone is evident and inch loss due to the increase in metabolic rate. Perfect for those looking for extra results with diet and exercise routines.

Treatment cycle: 1 massage and 3 Kontur wraps for 6 weeks
*Kontur Wraps require a 24 hour period between wraps

Clinical studies
On average with diet, 13 pounds lost in 10 sessions and between 2.5 – 3 inches
On average without diet, 8 pounds lost in 10 sessions and between 1 -2 inches

Kontur Add-Ons $25
Upgrade your Kontur session to include a reflexology session with one of our massage therapists or a cleansing facial wrap with one of our estheticians.

Massage Packages and Add-Ons

Massage Packages:
Buy 3 massages receive 5% off.
Buy 6 massages receive 10% off and one add-on.

Yearly Weekly Package receive 20% off and 5 add-ons.
Yearly Bi-Weekly Package receive 18% off and 4 add-ons.
Yearly Monthly Package receive 15% off and 3 add-ons.

Add-Ons valued at $50 or less.

Massage Add-Ons:
Scalp Massage: 15 minutes, $20
Reflexology: 30 minutes, $50
Massage Prep: $50
Pain Relief Treatment: $50
Detox Treatment: 50 minutes, $80

Soothing Session

Soothing Session: 30/45 minutes, $50/$70
A delicate touch glides over the body calming and soothing the mind. This  non-therapeutic massage stimulates the senses giving an overall feeling of harmony and peace. This soulful session is suitable for any age or condition.

Reflexology Polarity and Reiki

Reflexology: 30/60 minutes, $70/$90
This natural healing art relieves tension, increases circulation and improves general health of the mind, body and spirit. The application of pressure using a thumb walking technique to particular points of the feet, puts you into a deeper state of relaxation. This massage can also have a beneficial effect on the internal organs and glands. Whether a stand alone appointment or added onto a massage, you will leave feeling not only good on the outside but on the inside as well.

Polarity Therapy: 90/120 minutes, $150/$195
Energy therapy that clears and balances the mind and energy systems of the body called chakras and auras by connecting various points of the body. Quartz crystals are incorporated into the sessions to enhance the healing experience. This therapy is done fully clothed. The pressure is very light and is not a massage.

Reiki Therapy: 30/60 minutes, $70/$90
A safe and gentle form of hands-on healing that reduces pain and produces an overall feeling of wellness. Reiki enhances your body’s natural ability to heal on a physical, emotional and spiritual level.

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